Monday, July 27, 2009

Our puppy isnt a puppy no more!!! :(

Man we really had a scare the other day!! We came home pretty late from shoppin around. It was about 815pm and I still needed to feed the girls and lay them down for bed. Well as soon as we open our front door we always get a greeting from our pup, but there was none. So we thought he was probably in bed sleepin good. So got the girls fed and laid down and in the process of all that Josh and I noticed there was no pup in the apt. We couldn't believe it!!! What happened? Did we leave him out on the patio and didn't even realize it and he escaped. We had no clue and it was pitch black outside. Then we both traced what we did before we left the house and I mentioned to Josh that I left Rascal roamin around the house and made sure the girls and bathrooms doors were shut. Well he thought I left the pup in the kennel which usually we do. Well when we got in to the car to go shoppin Josh needed to pick somethin in his truck but it wasn't there so he ran into the apt to find it and while he ran inside Rascal ran out. Josh never noticed and didnt think about it cuz in his mind Rascal was sleepin in his bed. Well to finish this story we went out searchin for a good hour and then we found out by a boy that he found him and took him to his house. So we got our Rascie back safely!!!

Well here is our Rascal boy!!! He is such an awesome fun lovin puppy dog!!!
Rascie loves loves his daddy!!!
Scary Rascie!!!

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